• 25 juni 2013

    Innovative design Rotterdam

    Onderwerp Asfalt
    Auteur(s) J.G.F. Schrader & A.H. de Bondt
    Gepubliceerd 9th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields
    Omschrijving The “Euromax Container Terminal Rotterdam” project was started in 2005 on the last available area of the Maasvlakte I in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At the terminal Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) transport containers from vessel to stack over the so-called AGV-area. This AGV-area was tendered as a D&C(M) contract. The composition of the pavement consists of a grouted macadam surface layer, applied on two layers (bind and base) of polymer modified asphalt concrete, on top of a Cement Treated Base (CTB). The pavement structure was designed by means of amongst others the linear elastic multilayer program APSDS4 and the Finite Elements Modelling program CAPA-3D. The pavement structure specifications were set regarding rutting, evenness, drainage, skid resistance, bearing capacity, cracking and surface damage (ravelling, potholes, popouts, etc.). Laboratory testing of the sand subbase, CTB, asphalt concrete, tack coat and grouted macadam was performed to determine the optimum material properties for the design. The design life of the pavement is 20 years during which a maximum of 4,000,000 AGV’s will pass the normative location. The lateral wander of the AGV’s is very limited because transponders, which are drilled into the surface layer, guide them automatically. The final state-of-the-art pavement design was both competitive in costs and quality when compared to reinforced concrete or concrete brick pavements. During the design proces focus was on the use of locally available materials as much as possible, because of their economic and environmental benefits. Some interesting product and process innovations were applied. The container terminal is operational for more than 5 years and no significant damage has been reported yet.


  • 03 juni 2013

    Performance of bitumen 70/100 obtained from different suppliers

    Onderwerp Asfalt
    Auteur(s) C.P. Plug, A.H. de Bondt, H. Roos
    Gepubliceerd 5th European Asphalt Technology Associatio …
    Omschrijving Bitumen in Europe is produced according to the European bitumen specifications (EN 12591). Even if these specifications are met, the performance of a bitumen can substantially vary depending on the supplier.