• 01 juni 2013


    Onderwerp Blanke bitumen
    Auteur(s) C.P. Plug, A.H. de Bondt, H. Roos
    Gepubliceerd 5th European Asphalt Technology Association conference, Braunschweig, Germany
    Omschrijving Bitumen in Europe is produced according to the European bitumen specifications (EN 12591). Even if these specifications are met, the performance of a bitumen can substantially vary depending on the supplier. This means that the current specifications for penetration grade bitumen have little correlation with the functional properties of asphalt concrete. In this study 5 different deliveries of bitumen 70/100 at 4 different asphalt mixing plants were anonymously collected and its functional properties were tested. The performed laboratory tests show that especially the fatigue life of the tested bitumen samples vary significantly. Correlations with functional asphalt characteristics indicate that this has influence on the performance of asphalt concrete in the field.